Better Manage the Investment of Your Time

[ The Three Russian Brothers & Their Cousin Growth Plan ]
by Tyson Cobb Published

Here's a quick and easy strategic business tool that we call the Russian Brothers and their cousin. This tool will help you and your team to better manage the investment of your time and the roles and responsibilities each member is given. These are, as we all know, two of the most important resources in business. 

So what is happening in your business right now that you need to do more of, less of and which of these do you get rid of? Find out what else you need to start doing to keep your business performing at its best if it already is or drive it forward where it should be.

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Tyson Cobb
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Tyson Cobb is a B2B marketer, inbound marketing specialist and content marketing enthusiast. He has spent over 10 years in marketing and advertising, and has worked across many facets of strategic marketing and brand strategies. He has had the privilege of working with many Australian companies across a variety of industries including financial, entertainment, property development, hospitality and professional services. Tys now specialises in Inbound Marketing methodologies and marketing strategy in the B2B space.

As Director of businessDEPOT Marketing, Tys and his team help small to medium businesses by taking on the stresses of marketing and help move their business from where it is now, to where it needs to be.

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