The Road to Number 1 is the Worst ‘Best Kept’ Secret

[ Matt Lancashire on Real Estate Uncut ]
by Tyson Cobb Published

Content originally featured on the Real Estate Uncut

Matt Lancashire is a legend of the Brisbane real estate market and a true leader in his business and the industry as a whole. The insights he shared this week on Real Estate Uncut are a great listen for any principal in real estate but especially if you are a new or future Principal.

Hear more about the incredible effort Matt and his team put to reach their success and learn what he did and how.

"I like to be vanilla!"

Matt discusses where agents go wrong in the real estate industry. He says that there are a lot of things that people in the industry do wrong but the root of all that  is they treat real estate as a job and not a profession. Some people do it for the quick return. The top performers are doing all the right things because they see what they do as a career.

Learn more from Matt Lancashire as he talks about more of the following:

  • Back to basics – boring but an old friend
  • Stop trying to do things differently
  • The one thing that should not be outsourced

Listen to the full podcast here.

"They focus on $25 an hour jobs not the $500 an hour jobs"

Matt is currently ranked in the top performers in the entire Ray White group. Find out the practices Matt Lancashire and his team do to achieve great results. 

Matt shares more of his insights about the following:

  • Where I see agents go wrong and what to do about it
  • Real estate is not a job
  • What Matt’s team is BIG on

Listen to the full podcast here.

"The more things change the more they stay the same"

Believe it or not, Matt was once a struggling agent and what he did was went around and studied what a couple of top performing agents in Australia did day-in, day-out to achieve the best results. He built his career based on their practices and beliefs. 

What are the big factors in becoming an attraction agent? Discover more as Matt discusses the following: 

  • How to become an Attraction Agent and what that really means
  • What Matt has noticed all the top agents do
  • This is what sellers are looking for in an agent

Listen to the full podcast here.

"I always wanted to be different but that doesn't work"

Matt Lancashire discusses the importance of simplifying processes. We tend to overcomplicate them and look for new and different ways to improve our performance. What we are really missing is that we should go back to the basics. Ask yourself how you got to where you are and do more of that.

Find out what works and what doesn't as Matt talks more about...

  • If I had my time again here is what I would not do
  • It takes time to find out what really works
  • Forget the bright shiny toy

Listen to the full podcast here.

"The first year in real estate was a disaster"

Matt shares what has been a massive part of his success and what he wishes he did sooner. He says it is what he lives and breathes as an agent and it is what he will keep focusing on. More importantly, he shares it from a perspective of a once struggling agent with a struggling bank account as well. What did he do and how did he do it?

Find out more about...

  • If I had my time again here is what I would do more of
  • Matt’s biggest focus point – something he wished he had learned sooner
  • Whatever it is that is the dominant source in your marketplace, be the best at it.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Tyson Cobb
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As Director of businessDEPOT Marketing, Tys and his team help small to medium businesses by taking on the stresses of marketing and help move their business from where it is now, to where it needs to be.

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