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by Alan Dawson Published

A lot of Real Estate Agents and individuals associated with the Industry, have been asking me, what’s happening out there and what is trending at the moment?

I have compiled a few of my thoughts and I believe we have 3 distinct levels of activity right now.  

Get Me Out of Here!

Agents that are looking to exit the industry and sell their Agencies and Rent Rolls for various reasons.

Their time has come, they want a different lifestyle, they want to retire and so on.

So, based on that I believe stock levels will increase over the coming 12 to 18 months.

The 3 am Club

They are the agents sadly waking at 3am with chest pains who realise that the dollars going out each month are significantly less than the dollars coming in.

They have a business heavily reliant on a certain number of sales each month to survive and that is under constant pressure and change.

They are also quickly realising that they need a constant bankable cash flow each month to continue.

Hence the 3am club will be sourcing the available Rent Rolls and businesses for sale from the Get Me Out of Here group to add some certainty to their careers.

New Players

The New Players are either in the Industry now or looking the enter and they are well structured and already realise that Cash Flow is King.

They are well prepared and financially sound enough to acquire a Rent Roll or existing business as a solid foundation before driving their ambitions forward.

They will also be looking to the opportunities available.

Hence, there will be a lot of activity where the 3am Club and the New Players will be actively searching for the best businesses from the Get Me Out of Here Level.

BUT they will be selective and only the Best Business will attract the Best Prices.

More on that when we talk soon.

But for now, Thanks Everyone for taking the time to view this video.

If you wish to discuss your current situation or would like some more information you can contact me at

And I look forward to seeing you real soon.

Alan Dawson
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Alan utilises his extensive Real Estate background spanning over 37 years to offer quality industry advice around Real Estate Agency Broking.

During his career Alan has covered over 22 years in Franchising and held State Management roles with significant organisations in the industry. He is a fully licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Alan provides quality executive advisory, decision support and greatly assists with managing organisational change during the Agency sale or acquisitions process.

He has a significant ability to overcome complex business challenges and make decisions using experience based judgement, strong work ethic, integrity and a people first approach. 

A solid transaction, negotiation and communication background allows Alan to work closely with you and support you during your journey ahead.

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