Announcing the Launch of businessDEPOT Agency Broking

[ Extending our service offering for the real estate industry while bringing true value to the relationship. ]
by John Knight Published

With a name like businessDEPOT, it would no surprise to you that the plan was always to be so much more than just an accounting business. Sure, we run an accounting business within businessDEPOT, but we wanted to build a brand that resonates in the market as one that solves problems beyond accounting. 

Earlier this year we launched businessDEPOT Legal and businessDEPOT Broking. Today I am excited to announce the launch of businessDEPOT Agency Broking

With our skills, experience and expertise in the Real Estate Industry it became obvious the next step was to launch Agency Broking. From rent roll sales to complete business sales, we believe our offering, especially when bundled with some of our other industry specialist services like legal and tax, can tick so many more of the boxes for the real estate industry.

The leader of businessDEPOT Agency Broking will be Alan Dawson. I describe Alan as a gentleman of the industry.

"After working in industry for 37 years and 22 of that in franchising,” Alan says, “one thing that is clearly evident to me, is that when you are making such a significant decision to buy or sell an agency, or expand the wealth component of your business [which is your rent roll], there needs to be a well-planned strategic approach.”

Alan has partnered with us at businessDEPOT because together we will help you:

  1. Get Ready - whenever the time is right for you
  2. Get Going - knowing that we will always have your back
  3. Get Results - by leaning on our industry experience, expertise and contacts.

One of things dear to our heart at businessDEPOT is collaboration and we will continue to work with other industry players to get the best result for you, including conjuncting with other brokers. This will not only draw on the expertise of our real estate industry specialist lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, coaches, but also the broader community of advisers to real estate agencies.

We are super excited that we can now extend our service offering for the real estate industry. Services such as buy ready reviews, sale ready reviews and real strategic growth and succession plans specific to the real estate industry.

Alan says, “At businessDEPOT, their mission has always been about empowering the bright ideas of businesses and the people the behind them. I am excited to be joining the team and look forward to reaching out to see if there is anything we can do to help real estate businesses be ready for whatever lies ahead.”

We are excited to have Alan onboard and look forward to working with Alan to help more and more principals in the real estate industry.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to Alan Dawson or check out some further information at

John Knight
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John uses his business improvement and strategic planning skills to help his clients improve their position and boost their profits. John helps his broad client base with his unique business improvement services, strategic planning skills and wealth of knowledge on compliance matters.

Further to his business improvement offering, John provides company and business valuations for various purposes including company purchase/ sale, entity reorganisation and matrimonial or dispute resolution.

John is an expert in all things real estate and has built a reputation in the industry for being far more than just an accountant. He also has an in depth knowledge of the Dental sector and works closely with dentists and dental practices to streamline their accounting processes.

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