Franchising Basics

[ important tips when franchising ]
by Robert Shepley Published

Here's Robert Shepley, one of the businessDEPOT Legal Directors, talking about franchising. 

You've clicked on this article because you're either interested in starting up a new business by joining a franchise or scaling up by making your business into a franchise. Whatever it is you're considering, it's better to be ahead of the franchising game by knowing the basics.

In this video, get into the details of franchising with Rob - what it is all about and why it can be an ideal business model. Rob will also discuss the important tips to avoid getting into trouble when franchising.

Learn from Rob and his franchising tips and techniques in the video below.

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Robert Shepley
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Rob is an experienced corporate lawyer having practised as a Corporate & Commercial lawyer specialising in merger and acquisition transactions, business structuring, corporate governance, shareholder disputes and general corporate advisory.

Rob has assisted companies both large and small to achieve their transactional goals. He has experience in corporate governance issues and is also skilled at advising start-up companies to navigate their formation and initial growth stages.

Rob has advised on transactions encompassing several industries and sectors, including recently, ecommerce, agriculture, automotive, medical, professional services and real estate.

Rob is actively involved with his clients’ businesses, whether they are local, interstate or overseas.

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