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by Pia Rees-Rogers Published

Ok, so let's start by first addressing the elephant in the room. Email is not dead! In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand and directly address your audience. Nothing is more metal than email! Not leather jackets, red bandanas or Doc Martens. Email Marketing is hardcore, and you should ask yourself if you are using it to its full potential!

Sure, people do receive plenty of emails every day. I'm sure we all remember signing up to an email list to receive a discount off a product or enter a competition, thinking our email could handle another EDM. So you may be wondering, how do I stand out in an overcrowded inbox.

The fact of the matter is people want meaningful connections and do often read (and actively look for) the emails from their favorite brands/ organisations/charities. Email Marketing can turn the occasional customer into raving fans who watch out for your new products, sales and company updates. So I've put together my four main reasons you need to start typing and get emailing!


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, segmentation is the practice of splitting up your email list into more targeted groups. Dividing your list in such a way will give you superpowers. Oh yes, you heard me right, the power to send more targeted communication. And what does this mean? Well, some customers want to hear about your sales and some might only want to hear about your company. If you don't give them the chance to choose, chances are you will lose them all together. 


This is an opportunity to really inject your brand into your communication with your audience. So here's the secret to building a strong brand... Consistency. Your email campaigns can really drive that brand message home to your audience. Use your personality, tone of voice, imagery and concept when creating your emails. Share with your team and make sure you are really hitting the mark before sending on to your audience. 

Website Traffic

This is not rocket surgery people. All communications with your audience should be for one sole purpose. To showcase my awesome range of dad jokes? Wrong, to direct traffic to your website of course! 

If you use Google Analytics you can track your campaigns and see how successful they are in spiking your website traffic on campaign days. Use this information to tweak your emails and make them better. From here you can also learn what subject your audience is responding too and create more of that content/ promote more of those products. 

The Value of your List

Your email list will quickly become one of your most valuable resources in your Marketing tool shed. If you treat it right, the cost of setting it up properly will pay for itself. 

Do not be totally put out by unsubscribes either. This is just all part of the great circle of life here on the pride lands. Your email list is simply cleansing itself and this will up the engagement of your campaigns. An unsubscribe rate around 1% is pretty normal, anything above that should have you thinking about what is actually in your email and if it is providing the right value to the right people. The option to unsubscribe is required by law, you cannot try and trick your list into staying.

Remember that nothing can be sent without the permission of the receiver. Make sure that the subscriber has opted in to receive your content before you begin sending them your emails. Do not buy email lists! It is better to have 100 highly engaged individuals on your email marketing list, rather than 100,00 people who opt out on their first email campaign and negatively affect the value of your email lists and the strength of your campaigns. 

Lastly, if you have read all this and are wondering where to start, boy, do I have a great recommendation for you. Free to get started, MailChimp is a fantastic platform that provides you with marketing automation, storage for your email list and full customisation of the look and feel of your emails. MailChimp allows you to segment your emails, apply your branding, create links that drive traffic back to your website AND create value in your email lists. 

If you need any help setting up or just want to chew our ear as to how we use it, feel free to reach out to the businessDEPOT Marketing team!

Pia Rees-Rogers
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Pia is an inbound marketing enthusiast who is experienced in both B2B and B2C marketing.

With knowledge in brand strategy, content marketing and digital marketing. 

She has worked in a variety of different business models and industries internationally, but now applies her passion for marketing and branding to the businessDEPOT group through digital and content marketing.

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