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by Tyson Cobb Published

Thursday 23

February 17

5:30 pm

For a 6:00 PM start concluding by 7:30 PM

Brisbane Powerhouse

Turbine Platform

119 Lamington Street

New Farm, Qld 4005

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Tue 21 Feb


Along with the new year comes another chance for you as a business owner to take your business to the next level and reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. 

Here's where DEPOTnext comes in! Learn from the successes and stuff ups of "been there, done that" entrepreneurs, apply their insights to your business and be empowered to start up, scale up, step up or sell up!

At DEPOTnext you will...

Access expert insights from entrepreneurs who have reached a level of success other entrepreneurs aspire to reach on a personal level and in their business.

Hear from three guest speakers as they tell you their story of stuff-ups and success, complete with their tips and insights on how you can achieve your desired growth in your business.

Come along to learn from their experiences and take any insights back to apply to your business to take it to the next level.


Check out the speakers for the first ever DEPOTnext this year...

Nik MirkovicAlex Tomic

Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic

Founders of HiSmile, Australia’s leading DIY teeth whitening brand

"Leading the Social Media Game"

Nik has a very strong entrepreneurial sense and spends his time analysing and observing the world around him. This intuitiveness and curiosity, especially in the digital and social media realm has been the driving force behind the success of HiSmile today, with Nik always ensuring the business is one step ahead of the latest changes and advancements. 

Much like his co-founder, Alex observed and analysed the market and used his social media acumen to launch Hismile in 2015, sending half of the first batch of product to social media influencers. Two years on, the business attracts lucrative partnerships with high-end celebrities and influencers all across the world and social media today continues to be the number one driver of sales for the business.


The social media realm continues to change and evolve every day, and in order for businesses to succeed in this modern day marketplace, it’s important that they are always one step ahead of the game. HiSmile co-founders, Nik and Alex will talk you through their business journey over the past two years and how they have strategically used social media to propel the business to where it is today.

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Orange Sky Laundry

Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett

Young Australian of the Year 2016, social entrepreneurs and Orange Sky Laundry founders

“What do a park, a van and some dirty laundry have in common?”

In October 2014, two best mates had a crazy idea of putting two washing machines and two dryers in the back of an old van, and visiting parks and drop-in centres to wash and dry clothes for free. Orange Sky Laundry was born – a world-first, free mobile laundry for the homeless. On a mission to improve the hygiene standards of the homeless, Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett - the 2016 Young Australians of the Year - stumbled on something much bigger and more significant; the power of conversation. Orange Sky Laundry now aims to positively connect the homeless with the community and improve the lives of others.


The average household does 36kg of washing every week. Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett will share how they facilitate over 200 times this amount each and every week – for free. Kicking off in October 2014 in a Brisbane garage, Orange Sky now operates all over Australia.

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Orange Sky Laundry

Imogen Baxter

Head of Communications at Sendle

“The Power of Listening”

Uber, the worlds largest taxi company owns no vehicles. Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate. Enter Sendle, a delivery company, which owns no vans! Imogen Baxter is the Head of Communications at Sendle, a new parcel delivery service for small business and also Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. Tapping into networks of partner couriers, Sendle provides affordable door-to-door parcel delivery rates for consumers and small businesses. Prior to Sendle, Imogen was General Manager of TuShare, a peer-to-peer sharing platform. She is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shaper Hub and spends her spare time tracking down the perfect cup of tea in Sydney.


What’s the most overlooked aspect of communication that businesses must crack to succeed? From customer feedback to internal cohesion, it's listening that really has the power to revolutionise your business. Find out from Imogen how Sendle has used the power of “listening” to disrupt and grow the business to where it is today.

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Tyson Cobb
read more by Tyson Cobb

Tyson Cobb is a B2B marketer, inbound marketing specialist and content marketing enthusiast. He has spent over 10 years in marketing and advertising, and has worked across many facets of strategic marketing and brand strategies. He has had the privilege of working with many Australian companies across a variety of industries including financial, entertainment, property development, hospitality and professional services. Tys now specialises in Inbound Marketing methodologies and marketing strategy in the B2B space.

As Director of businessDEPOT Marketing, Tys and his team help small to medium businesses by taking on the stresses of marketing and help move their business from where it is now, to where it needs to be.

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