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by Tyson Cobb Published

If you’re a businessDEPOT Collective member, join us for the next Collective Catch-up at businessDEPOT on 22 October and have a chance to meet other members of the Collective, build relationships, collaborate and innovate!

If you happened to make it to the first Collective Catch-up you would have experienced the ‘speed dating’ activity as a way to get to know more about your fellow Collective members. This time, we’re doing ‘2 slides in 2 minutes!’. Here’s how it works ...

  • 20 presenting spots up for grabs [first in best dressed]
  • 2 minutes to present 2 slides on your business’ ‘sweetspot’
  • 40 minutes of presentations in total

If you want to be one of the 20 Collective members to present 2 slides in 2 minutes, email If you’re successful, you’ll need to provide your 2 slides to Lisa in Powerpoint and with associated fonts by Monday 19 October. If you aren’t successful, not to worry, you’ll still be able to network with your fellow Collective members before and after the presentations.

Tyson Cobb
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Tyson is a skilled marketing strategist with experience in many facets of strategic and creative marketing. Tyson develops digital & content marketing strategies to drive the awareness of the businessDEPOT brand.

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