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businessDEPOT Live Marketing Made Easy - Bringing it Back to Basics was on the 24th of May. The event was a full house! In case you missed out, or in case you didn't catch all the value bombs of that night. We have put together a recap of the questions asked and the speakers expert opinions.

We heard from Kurt Sanders the Director of Strategy at the Content Division, Bianca Dillon the Founder of B:Content, Kelly Newbery the VP of Marketing at Neto and Tys Cobb the Head of Marketing here at businessDEPOT.  

Where do business owners go wrong when it comes to marketing their business?

Bianca: Some businesses wait until they have new clients to start marketing. You need to be proactive. Don’t wait until you have new business to start marketing.

Tys: A lot of businesses do not present differentiation from their competitors. Remember different is better than better in Marketing. 

Kelly: Don’t try and appeal to everyone at once, just market to your niche instead of wasting your precious resources marketing to the masses. 

Kurt: Don't spread yourself too thin, it's awesome to start implementing all these new platforms into your business model but you need to stick with them too. Statistics show you only end up doing 2% of what you think you are going to do. You need to stick with it!

Why is it so important to start with a strategy and where do you think owners go wrong when it comes to strategy?

Bianca: Having a good strategy can become a road map. This allows your staff to feel like they are on the same journey as you and are inline with objectives.

Kurt: I am always surprised at businesses that do not have a documented marketing plan. You're marketing plan doesn't have to be some untouched document which you put in your draw and forget about. Interact with your marketing plan, write on it, add to it, adjust. Putting the strategy somewhere visual where you can check things off and see where it worked and where it didn’t

Kelly: Marketing is as much about doing as it is planning. Keep your strategy relevant to your business, as well as your audience. Not implementing the strategy and becoming bogged down with other parts of running the business is easy enough to do so having a document that you can refer is beneficial

Tys: It is also important to measure the success of the strategy to see what areas are working and what areas are underperforming. 

A common problem for businesses is they are still trying to mass market instead of knowing their ideal client before they do anything. What are some ways we can do this? What are we looking for?

Kelly: Customers are central to everything. Every marketer in every business should be speaking to their customers. So take the time to really talk to your existing client base and understand them better because happy customers will be a source of revenue and a great tool for referrals.

Bianca: The first rule of marketing is to understand your target audience. Create a Buyer persona and pool together your ideal customers into one, two, three personas. Then use this tool to create your content.

Kurt: Trust goes a long way in Marketing. Forming relationships and building trust between your clients is so valuable! Because it is highly likely that you will be top of mind for your customer if a future issue should come around.

Tys: The traditional Marketing funnel has customers at the bottom, but customers should be central to the business. Everything that your business does is to solve your customers problems, so it is only right that customers should be central to your business strategy.     

How does a business owner determine the success of their marketing?

Kurt: Businesses can feel intimidated by metrics and analytics tools such as Google Analytics because they do look like a bit of a beast. If you just pick the metrics that align with your business and what you want to be measuring then it will become a lot easier to navigate. 

Bianca: Measure things which are not just pretty on the surface. Things like open rate and click frequency are great but you should also be measuring factors such as did they go to my site? Did I get their email?

Kelly: I'm always interested in the step before a metric. Such as where did that customer come from? Where did they find us? 

How do we get more leads? The right leads? All without breaking the bank?

Kelly: Some businesses can get caught in this cycle of always looking for the exciting new leads, when really they should be looking to their existing customer base and asking them to refer their peers. Chances are if you have happy clients who are happy with your service they will be happy to make the referral. Additionally, I would suggest keeping an eye on your online reviews, if you receive a positive review that can help with attracting new customers.

Bianca: As Kelly said, it's not always about acquiring new leads, sometimes its about nurturing your leads into customers. Don't give up on your customer base. Keep working on them.

Kurt: Some businesses are really good at seeing what customers are still in the marketing phase and what customers are ready to become sales. Not being afraid to bump someone back to marketing if they are not qualified yet for sales. 

What is Wrong with this Strategy?

Kurt: Well for a start, Baby Johns branding is absolutely terrible. There is equity in your brand and he is not selling it for me. There is no consistency and it is all over the place. 

Kelly: I got married last year, so I can tell you I wasn't searching Google for where to buy Wedding Cakes. I was looking through Magazines, Expos, etc. Baby John is displaying here that he doesn't understand his customer because he is not putting information in the places where his customers are looking. 

Bianca: Adwords is not always the answer. Do not just jump on the band wagon, try to really understand your audience.

Kurt: Additionally, displaying your Social Media in places, such as the top of the page will actually lead people away from where you really want them to be, which is on your website. 

Tyson Cobb
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Tyson Cobb is a B2B marketer, inbound marketing specialist and content marketing enthusiast. He has spent over 10 years in marketing and advertising, and has worked across many facets of strategic marketing and brand strategies. He has had the privilege of working with many Australian companies across a variety of industries including financial, entertainment, property development, hospitality and professional services. Tys now specialises in Inbound Marketing methodologies and marketing strategy in the B2B space.

As Director of businessDEPOT Marketing, Tys and his team help small to medium businesses by taking on the stresses of marketing and help move their business from where it is now, to where it needs to be.

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