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[ Growth is back on the agenda... ]
by John Knight Published

The results are in, and it is clear that GROWTH is back on the agenda for small to medium enterprises [SME’s] and the people behind them.

Thanks to everyone for participating in our recent ‘Business Insights’ survey.  We were sensing that SME’s had started 2014 with increased optimism and our survey has shown that this is in fact the case.

Question 1: How optimistic are you about 2014?

It’s great to see that after a few years of playing it safe, the majority of SMEs [and the people behind them] are looking forward to a more optimistic year in 2014.

Question 2: What are the biggest areas of focus for your business in 2014?

No surprises to see that growth is the number one focus for SMEs in 2014.  Is this simply because of the increased business optimism?  In our view it is also because the people behind SME’s have had enough of ‘sitting on their hands’ and are ready to have a go at reaching their potential.

Whether it’s growth in your business model, improvement in efficiency or growth in profits, it’s good to see SME’s [and the people behind them] back focusing on what they are good at.

To make sure you’re ready for growth, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog and newsletter on ‘being change ready’.

Question 3: What do you want from your business advisors?

This one is always an interesting question for us.  Other than a few cheeky requests for lunch, it is clear business owners are wanting practical advice, insights into industry trends and access to specialist advice on all business areas.  A common theme was clearly ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’.

Once again, thank you so much to those who contributed - the feedback has been invaluable. businessDEPOT is looking forward to helping you tackle these issues head on in 2014.

John Knight
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John uses his business improvement and strategic planning skills to help his clients improve their position and boost their profits. John helps his broad client base with his unique business improvement services, strategic planning skills and wealth of knowledge on compliance matters.

Further to his business improvement offering, John provides company and business valuations for various purposes including company purchase/ sale, entity reorganisation and matrimonial or dispute resolution.

John is an expert in all things real estate and has built a reputation in the industry for being far more than just an accountant. He also has an in depth knowledge of the Dental sector and works closely with dentists and dental practices to streamline their accounting processes.

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