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[ Adam Di Marco presents at DEPOT[x] ]
by Tyson Cobb Published

“Just shut up and do it!” As an entrepreneur and the founder & publisher of, Australia’s fastest growing source of news and information for the urban development industry, Adam was our second guest speaker at the first DEPOT[x] for 2015. He took us behind’s rise from a bedroom blog to a national media, events and publishing company. A truly motivating presentation and one that we’re sure will ignite the spark in people and empower them to just got out and do it, whatever their business or business idea may be.

You can view Adam’s presentation below.

Be sure to watch this space for details on the next DEPOT[x] event where you will get access to business specialists in a friendly environment, learn from their experiences, and take any insights you get back to apply to your business.

Check out the presentations from our other 2 guest speakers:

Improving the Probability of Success - Scott Draper, Performance Consultant, DraperFox.

How Visual Story Telling Inspires Your Prospects To Do Business With You - John Reyment, A Day in The Life Images

Download Adam's presentation here
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