Do you have a Buy-Sell?

[ Blackboard Fridays Ep 132 ]
by Jacob Aldridge Published

When Shakespeare suggested that we should first kill all the lawyers, he clearly wasn't thinking about our regular host Rob Shepley from businessDEPOT Legal.

The Bard also knew a thing or two about business partnerships - when they worked, and when they didn't. It was, after all, how he monetized the plays that may have put you to sleep in high school - and through detailed legal partnerships, he retired an unusually wealthy man.

Are your business relationships set up to protect and build your wealth? In this week's episode, Rob dives deeper into the topic of Shareholders Agreements and the value they provide.

Too many companies I meet made the decision to skip this foundation document - it was too hard and seemed unnecessary in the good times of a new and growing enterprise.

Also, I think, they had the negative view of lawyers and legal fees. I think you'll agree watching Rob, that probably means you just don't know the right lawyer?

Watch this week's episode here.

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