I Don’t Want A Coach, I Want A Concierge!

[ Blackboard Fridays Ep. 129 ]
by Jacob Aldridge Published

For someone who thinks straight business coaching is a complete waste of money, I've sure talked a lot about it - from where it fits in the Advisory disciplines, to coaching skills you can apply, and of course the simple Business Coaching project I recommend for business owners feeling stuck.

So what do you do if you agree with me? You know you can't do everything on your own - and business ownership is lonely at the top - but you definitely don't want a coach?

As I explain in this week's episode, you need a Concierge instead! Where a Business Coach will often try to help you themselves (even if they don't have the specific expertise or tools), a Business Concierge is someone who understands both the breadth and depth of business and is well-connected enough to point you in the right direction.

This 'Deep Generalist' approach is what I'm famous for, and it's a characteristic I seek in all the other Advisors (including my businessDEPOT colleagues) that I work with. It's uncommon ... and incredibly valuable. Because when a generalist Concierge gives you a recommendation, you know it comes from a place of knowing - they're not a sales trainer selling you sales training, or a website builder who (surprise!) tells you that you need a new website.

Which leaves only one more question: Have you got a Concierge for your business? Someone you can call and talk to for advice or an introduction on any topic that may concern you, every opportunity that excites you, or to help unpack what's happening when you realise you don't know what you don't know. If not, can I recommend a coffee with myself or any one of our Advisory team at businessDEPOT - where you always get the relationship for free.

Watch this week's episode to learn more. Then hit reply or give us a call - we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Jacob Aldridge
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Over the past 12 years, more than 300 active growth businesses in Australia, the UK, and Asia-Pacific have worked with Jacob in his role as an international business coach, partner and advisor.

As the Head of Advisory at businessDEPOT, Jacob continues to work one-on-one with SME businesses and directors, while also leading the development of our Strategic Advisory services across Workshops, Group Programs, and Online business guidance.

Jacob's alumni clients and those who have attended his presentations describe him as the smart and quirky business guy who makes genuine change happen. He brings business experience that impacts both profit and valuation, plus a unique energy borne from the belief that business is best when it's fun.

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